• Accurate

    Providing complete and reliable financial reporting concerning your business operation.

  • Insightful

    Providing relevant industry-specific information to assist in making informed business decisions.

  • Timely

    Providing timely financial reporting to better assist with decision making in an ever-changing economy.

About Jeremy Mason

After receiving professional accreditation in 1990, he has gained extensive experience in both public and private sectors including experience as a Trust and Estates, Auditor and Income Tax Auditor with Canada Revenue Agency. He has played an integral role in the financial success of individuals, as well as businesses of all sizes by assisting their owners in capturing operational efficiencies to increase their profit margin, and by effectively managing their tax liability to increase their bottom line.

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Business Services

  • Business Plan Preparation

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Government Subsidy and Incentive Programs

  • Tax Treaty Implications

  • Business Plan Preparation

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Government Subsidy and Government Incentive Programs

  • Tax Treaty Implications

  • Corporate T2 Tax Return Preparation

  • Corporate Tax Planning

  • Corporate Reorganization And Restructuring

  • Income Tax and Trust Account Audit Representation

  • Estate Freeze

  • CRA Audit Representation and Appeals

    • GST/HST

    • Corporate Income Tax

    • Payroll Tax

  • Provincial NUANs Search and Registration

  • Incorporation of Provincial and Federal Businesses

  • Alternative Financing through Professional Partnerships

  • WSIB Reporting and Representation

  • Request for Taxpayer Relief from Penalties and Interest

Individual Services

  • Personal T1 Tax Return Preparation

  • Terminal T1D Tax Return (for year of death)

  • Tax Planning

  • Trust and Estate T3 Tax Preparation

  • Trust Tax Planning

  • Trustee Services

  • Personal Income Tax Audit Representation and Appeals

  • Disability Tax Credit Reporting

  • ​​​

    Taxpayer Penalties and Interest Relief

  • ​​​


  • ​​​Investment Review for Tax Efficiency